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Shipping & Returns

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Shipping Policy

We adhere to a simple shipping policy - speed is of the essence. It's weed we're talking about here, and we don't like waiting any more than you do. So FAST it is.


Standard Delivery ( eg Kerry, for those who can wait overnight)

We can arrange next day shipping for orders in by 1pm on the day, Sun-Fri. Order received on a Friday should arrive Monday.

Cali-Man Delivery (Available in Bangkok and these provinces)

Same day delivery or local collection*

Return & Exchange Policy

In the very rare event you have a quality issue with any of our products please get in touch. It should be noted that all pre-rolled products can become unsettled in transit, and as any sensible smoker should know, you need to give the joint a once over, and gently tamper it down if it has become a little loose.

For Cali Bud weed, every lot is tested by Dr Weed himself. If it doesn't pass him, I won't get to you. Time consuming as it may be, our quality control is as much art as it is science, derived from decades of growing, curing, smoking and eating wonderful Cali Bud.

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